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    Knight Commander OBE

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    Bit of background: I used to live in Tobruk. Dad was RAF. Over the last few years I have been a member of the RAF Tobruk facebook group. I have made contact and frendship with a few Libians that where involved with the British at the time.

    One of them has asked me to value a medal he has tracked down.

    It was awarded to King Idris by HRH Queen Elizibeth . But he has no provinonce to prove this I do beleive him.

    But without proof it's just another OBE. What value would something like this have.

    He's tryign to save it before anything happens in that Area.

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    Good Morning......

    "But without proof it's just another OBE. What value would something like this have."

    First of all this is a Knight Commander or possibly Commander as cannot judge size.......

    If Knight should have breast star as well......

    Check out eBay or some of the on line archives from auction houses that are on line......


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    Idris I received a KBE in 1946 and a GCBE directly from Queen Elizabeth II in 1954 at which time he presented her with one of the few [likely less than 7 awarded] Grand Collars of the Order of Idris I. The 'republican' regime confiscated most of Idris' possessions including some decorations. The Libyan [Royal] Gazette published lists of subjects authorized to accept and wear foreign decorations; seem to recall a number of CBEs. The British Library has [had in 1979] most copies of that Gazette [published in English as well as Arabic!] so a search for Libyan subject Order of the British Empire recipients could be possible.

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    To avoid any confusion, this is a CBE - Commander of the British Empire. Beneath this were the OBE, MBE and BEM.

    Above was the KBE - Knight of the British Empire. The CBE has never been handed out as frequently as the MBE and OBE

    and is regarded as a good Honour. Very often awarded to Diplomats - or, Foreigners who have helped in some significant

    way. This would fit in with the descriptions. Mervyn

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