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    Hi Steve

    ive just say and read this restoration project of yours and wow ! That is awesome 

    it really is an art , knowing colour and how to mix it.

    plus you’ve given me the confidence to take my damaged M42 outside and sort that dent with a ball Hammer !!!!!!

    a really interesting post mate , I know it’s an old one but I’m kind of finding my way around the forum so much to look at and learn from

    cheers mate


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    Thanks my man. Be careful, ball hammers are good for making dents as well, you'll probably be better off with a flat hammer and dolly once you've got the liner out. He he, best of luck with that. 

    Enjoy your time here, it's a pretty cool forum with decent chaps and chapesses.



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    Mr. Spasm, I hope I don’t cause you any discomfort or embarrassment by saying this, but you’re a freaking genius. Even though you provide excellent notes and step-by-step instructions, you’ve raised the bar so high in your artistry and craftsmanship, that most of us can just stare in awe and disbelief. Despite the archival evidence that you so generously provide, your descendants will examine your various projects and wonder, “How in the Hell did he do that?”. Absolutely amazing!

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    Mike, praise indeed! Thank you.

    It's honestly not that difficult to do as it's really just tracing and painting by numbers, just very time consuming. 

    I have a few German helmets that need a bit of erm....sprucing up. And, with the risk of being outlawed by the collecting community, I may do a similar thread showing how to bring an M35/40/42 back to life.

    Thanks again Mike, all praise is very gratefully received.

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    Martin, yep, I heard, he he.

    No need to touch it, it's great as it is. All part of it's long life story. Nice plain greys are getting harder to find, a keeper for the shelf.

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