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    Alexander Paul Robinson was born on 15 February 1895 in Dresden as the son of the Rittergutsbesitzer Henry Robinson in Rinkendorf, Kreis Sorau, and his wife Luise née von Arnoldi. Henry Robinson and Luise von Arnoldi were married in Brighton, England in 1889, so I suppose he was originally English. Henry Robinson died on 14 January 1902 in Meran, Tirol, and the widow lived in Wiesbaden, where her family was from (she was from a Nassau Briefadel family), so that is probably why Alexander ended up in FR 80.

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    The name Henry Robinson is a bit too common to find anything on the English side. After checking the Brighton connection I found two men with that name from the Brighton area, one was born in 1861, the other in 1870.

    I couldn't find any Henry Robinson living in Brighton in 1891 so, assuming that's where Alexander's father grew up, he had already left for Germany by 1891.

    When can I have it then Chris? :whistle:

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