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    British Sniper Plate


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    A bit of a challenge (even trying to carry it around)

    A couple of days spent blocking out the picture adding bits and taking others away but you get the general idea. Lots of barbed wire, a few poppies and hopefully after a few weeks....

    The plate itself is slightly bent probably having been hit when the hinged cover was broken off. A great thing but will need some big screws if it's to go on the wall.

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    Tony - yep, Royal Irish Rifles, first day of the Somme

    Kris - a good blank canvas, gonna be hard painting it with that strut still bolted on. Difficult to display as well, unless you've got your own trench system like Chris.

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    I'll have to go have a look now. 


    By the way, just a thought.....why is it that we see, in our mind's eye, WW1 pictures as black and white, while we see Napoleonic pictures in colour. Is it because there's no photos even though there's plenty of photos of the troops from the Crimea.


    And another thing, why is it that we (or is it just me) are happy to see, in pictures, Allies facing from left to right and Germans facing from right to left? I'm doing some research to complete a WW1 sniper picture. Looking up photos of rifles for reference they seem to be not quite correct if they are facing from left to right and I feel that the painting would 'feel' better if the sniper was aiming/firing towards the left side of the picture. Is it due to what we're used to as the direction of the war? Do you Gents in Germany feel the same?



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    Well, still got to check out the barbed wire, add a paw and signature but sort of about there I think. A bit more impressionistic which I may want to get back into in a few weeks....

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    I don't think the right facing thing is just you, mate.  I've read something about left and right as it applies to action on stages and movie screens and why the 'good guys' or stronger characters come on from one side and not the other, but b*****ed if I can remember any details at the end of a long day.  But its one o' them psycho-mo-logical thingies, based on how the brain processes information, I think.  Maybe it will come to me in a dream and I can post it tomorrow.  Or not.

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