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    Storage Ideas please

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    Hi Guys,

    I would like to put my medal collection in storage for a while. That's not a problem for most of the medals because I just put them into individual plastic medal wallets. But I've got this group that is mounted on a pin. 

    Obviously I don't want to take the pin off but I need to secure these so that they don't damage each other. Do you have any ideas how I can pack these safely so that they don't get damaged.


    Thank you




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    When I had to put my entire collection in container storage for 8 months, I wrapped each item (singles, groups, stars etc) in that thin acid-free paper that stores use to wrap, say, china in when you buy it.

    It's easy to do - just cut or tear off a piece big enough to wrap the item. For groups I wrapped each one individually and then the entire group.


    I don't trust plastic sleeves or bubble-wrap for long-time storage...



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    Simon  -  I see you joined last August , however, as these seem to be your first posts  -  welcome to GMIC.


    The group is a fine one  -  Sudan Campaign  + Khedives Medal with Khartoum Bar.  The Queen's and King's Medals for the Boer War are also good  -  excellent bars and a total of 7.  Please give us some details on the

    recipient when you have time.   Meanwhile , you are wise to take all precautions on their safety.    Mertvyn

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    Hi Mertvyn.

    Thank you for the welcome. This forum appears to be very friendly and I hope to keep returning here.

    This is a Seaforth Highlanders group that I think is unique to the regiment. What makes it unusual is the single Khartoum bar. But I'm very happy to be proven wrong.


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