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    Badge of what division/unit/brigade?


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    Hi my grandfather served in the British Indian Army in Burma. He lived in Allahabad and from there volunteered to fight. Im trying to find out his unit. Can anyone tell me the name of the unit by looking at the badge......He's the one on the right. I know that the pic isnt very clear(sorry about that).........from what i could understand by looking at it under a magnyfing glass is that...there is a crown on top and two swords cut across...any ideas...it would mean a lot to me if anyone can help me out :)

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    The badge described sounds like a cavalry badge, but I'm away from my books today. Lots of those feature crossed swords.  He also appears to be wearing the India General Service Medal ribbon - leftmost on his chest - a green ribbon with two dark blue stripes, along with two others I can't identify.  The breast pocket badge may be a unit badge, worn in the wrong spot or something else I'm not familiar with.


    Enquiries continue.  A better photograph would be very helpful.

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