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    Soviet ribbon bar authentic or pieced together?

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    The first ribbon on the second row (20th GPW victory ribbon) seems to be backwards, I had heard that sometimes these where worn reversed but wanted to know if that's accurate? is this an authentic ribbon bar or something hashed together? thanks!

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    The only thing that bothers me about this bar is the lack of Camapaign medals(Afghan or Post WW2) or WW2 Victory Medals.


    I am assuming that the ribbon bar is supposed to be post ww2 service, as if the person would have been awarded CSM, ORS, and etc for long service, instead of the Long Service Medals, which came out long after WW2.    What rank is the officer?  Was the Order of Alexander Nevsky awarded after WW2?

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    That's definitely an odd one...and yes, the Nevsky was awarded after WW2...but I've seen stranger, actually being worn by veterans. I'd honestly be more comfortable with it if it were on a green Russian Federation uniform rather than a Soviet one...but I don't think this is a necessarily impossible set.

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