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Thailand Life-saving medal ? Help requested.


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Hello everyone


Not being much of an expert in S.E.Asian awards and décorations, I require help to identify this bronze medal. It might be a life-saving award but it also looks like some kind of a naval air force award.


Ideally, I would like to know its official name, if it is/was awarded for life-saving and what period it could be.


Every bit of information will be gratefully received. Thank you.



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Hi Veteran,


This is the Freeman Safeguarding Medal from Thailand which was instituted in 1969 and is still being awarded.

The medal has the emblem of the Thai armed forces. Comes in 2 classes:

- 1st Class

- 2nd Class, First Category


Hope this helps.



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It is classified as a Royal Medal in a category described as Medals for Acts of Bravery, and I believe it may come in three classes:  Class 1 with olive branches, Class 2, 1st Category with a sort of explosion device on the ribbon, and Class 2, 2nd Category with no ribbon device.  An excerpt from the precedence list of the official website of the Cabinet Secretariat lists it as shown below with some other medals between the second and third class.    


P. 132 ๔๑. เหรียà¸à¸žà¸´à¸—ัà¸à¸©à¹Œà¹€à¸ªà¸£à¸µà¸Šà¸™ ชั้นที่ ๑

Freeman Safeguarding Medal (First Class).

๔๒. เหรียà¸à¸žà¸´à¸—ัà¸à¸©à¹Œà¹€à¸ªà¸£à¸µà¸Šà¸™ ชั้นที่ ๒ ประเภทที่ ๑

Freeman Safeguarding Medal (Second Class, First Category).


P. 133 ๔๓. เหรียà¸à¸£à¸²à¸Šà¸™à¸´à¸¢à¸¡

The RajaniYom Medal



๔๔. เหรียà¸à¸›à¸£à¸²à¸šà¸®à¹ˆà¸­

The Haw Campaign Medal.


๔๕. เหรียà¸à¸‡à¸²à¸™à¸žà¸£à¸°à¸£à¸²à¸Šà¸ªà¸‡à¸„รามยุโรป

The War Medal of B.E. 2461.


๔๖. เหรียà¸à¸žà¸´à¸—ัà¸à¸©à¹Œà¸£à¸±à¸à¸˜à¸£à¸£à¸¡à¸™à¸¹à¸

The Safeguarding the Constitution Medal.


๔๗. เหรียà¸à¸žà¸´à¸—ัà¸à¸©à¹Œà¹€à¸ªà¸£à¸µà¸Šà¸™ ชั้นที่ ๒ ประเภทที่ ๒

Freeman Safeguarding Medal (Second Class, Second Category).




I quote from a post made by Ilja some time ago:

"The Defender of Freedom" medal.


The medal is founded by king the Frame IX in 1969. It was entrusted military and civil persons for display of courage in struggle against communistic insurgents, and also wound and the victim (posthumously) in operations on maintenance of safety of the country. Rushes on the left side of a breast.
The medal has two classes, and the medal of the second class has two degrees.
The medal of the first class is entrusted the persons who have lost (posthumously), critically wounded patients or proved in struggle against communistic insurgents.
The medal of the second class of the first degree was entrusted militarians and police grades, civil servants and simple citizens for oustanding service in dangerous conditions in struggle against communistic insurgents.
The medal of the second class of the second degree was entrusted militarians and police grades, civil servants and simple citizens for service in struggle against communistic insurgents.
The medal of dark color has the form of two squares put against each other (with displacement on 90 degrees). In the center the emblem of armed forces of Thailand is located.
The medal is attached to a red tape with eight white thin strips.
The medal of the first class has on a tape an ornament as two gold olive branch
The medal of the second class of the first degree has on a tape a gold ornament as the stylized image of explosion of a bomb.
The medal of the second class of the second degree has no any additions on a tape.




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Thank you all for the information given is such a short time. I cannot say how much it is appreciated...


The ribbon on this particular medal may have born additionnal emblems, as a few traces appear on the obverse.


It seems this is an award for services and valour in operations against armed insurgents. Not really a life-saving medal in the sense we usually understand it.


I am most grateful. I hope to make myself useful to you in the same way one day.


Very best regards


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Hi Veteran,


From : Thailand’s Border Service and Freeman’s Safeguarding Medals, by Major Larry J. Redmon, The Journal of the Orders and Medals Society of America, Volume 51 Number 5, pages 29-30



Freeman's Safeguarding Medal


The FSM, which is higher in precedence than the Border Service Medal, was established by the Royal Thai Government in 1970 with the approval of the King. The medal was originally intended to recognize service against communist insurgents operating in various regions of Thailand's interior. It was also introduced to replace another award for interior service, the Interior Service Medal, for reasons that are not clear.


There are three types of the FSM - First Class, Second Class higher award, and Second Class lower award. The three types correspond to three descending levels of service recognized by the medal. From highest to the lowest, the three levels are bravery in action against insurgents, participation in an engagement against insurgents or wounded in action, and six months service in the field. The First Class and Second Class higher awards are distinguished by a suspension ribbon device. Except for the device, the medal is identical for all three types.


The shape of the badge of the FSM is a lozenge with equal sides, 35mm from corner to corner, and protruding from the middle of each side is a small triangle. In the center of the obverse is the emblem of the Thai Ministry of Defense on a plain field. The reverse is plain except for the circular inscription SHOULD DEFEAT THE BAD WITH THE GOOD in Pali. The badge is attached to a decorative suspender that has a slot for the suspension ribbon. The ribbon is suspended from a slotted rectangular brooch with a horizontal pin on the reverse inscribed on the obverse of the brooch in Pali is PROTECT PEOPLE'S FREEDOM. The badge brooch, and suspender are struck in copper and have a blackened finish.


The suspension ribbon is 35mm in width and consists of alternating red and white stripes, the red stripes 3mm in width and the white stripes 1.5mm in width. Ribbon devices are a shallow, gilt wreath for First Class awards and a gilt bomb-blast for Second Class higher awards. The ribbon for Second Class lower awards is unadorned.


Troubles by insurgents have ceased to be a major problem in Thailand, but the FSM is still awarded. Current awards are to military personnel, policemen, and members of paramilitary forces who participate in royal projects designed to improve conditions in remote areas and thus win the hearts and minds of the people. Like the BSM, there is no certificate for the FSM.





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Thanks for that Hugh.  I looked on line for about an hour and could not find anything, but then again, I was going by the description of the medal.  It does not show up on any of the Thai ribbon/medal charts that I found. 

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