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    Is there anyone who can give information about the following German  WWI and II Officer,  Prof. Dr. Gerhard Denecke


    I am interested in his units, awards + when awarded and mayby when in existance even pictures?


    Cordial greetings and thanks in advance



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    Hi CHris,


    Ah yes, he was a Saxon as far as i know and should have been awarded the following during WWI


    * EK 2

    * EK 1

    * Albrechtsorden 2 X

    * Verdienstorden 2 X

    * Black Wound badge


    During WWII he was reactivated and should have been active within the A.O.K. 18.


    Born 12.07.1889 - Dresden.


    I hope this helps? :)


    Cordial greetings

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    I have found only the date of the SA3bX : 28.08.1916. If he received the SV3bX, he should be after July 1918. Indeed, E. Roth has found nothing after that date on his book.


    Denecke was Asistant Artz and serve in Res San Kp 1



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