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    4 old pictures rescued from the bins

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    Jock  -  some nice engravings.   Should the railway station still exist - these would make a nice gift to show the original.

    The German  advertising one is probably quite early and you should put it on auction.  Old advertising signs are collectable.


    The fox hunting one is quite unusual.  It appears to be German  -  what does the caption say ?  The mix is unusual and would

    appear to date it from either just before WW1 or, the 20's.  The question is , are all of the figures German or, does it iclude a

    group of English making a visit.  They will be in the Pinks and the top hat.  The hounds are British Fox Hounds  -  but Germany

    had a tradition of hunting and would have bought breeding stock.  I wonder if we can identify the ones in Uniform or, their hats ?

    The figure with the yellow hat and sleeve bands has been made the main line of sight - and is probably a General .  Again, we

    have to wonder who ?   Mervyn      (Try posting this in addition on the German Forums)


    Their is still great interest in Hunting scenes and with the early style and emphasis on the uniforms it could go for a high price

    in Germany.  Where are your main auction houses ?    Mervyn

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