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    Badges for review please

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    I purchased these badges in London some times ago and I'd like to know if they are correct WWII periode badges please: 


    1 - RAF Badge




    2 - RAOC




    3 - Tyneside Irish 




    4 - R.E.M.E. Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers




    5 - Royal Pioneer Corps




    6 - 8th Battalion West Yorkshire Regiment PWO




    7 - Carnavonshire Volunteer Regiment




    8 - RASC






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    Hi Ricardo.   Yes, they all appear to be OK and of the WW2 period.  They would have been either side of the War.  The Army

    Cyclist Corps is a nice one to have , also the Carnarvonshire Volunteer Regiment.  This last appears to have an Edward 7th

    Crown, so may be for the 1st WW. - on the other hand they may just have retained the earlier Crown from when they were formed.

    I am sure one of our members will be able to confirm this ?  These are fairly standard badges from that period - and mostly made

    in large numbers   -  so don't expect great values.  However, they are representitive of a lot of units who fought in WW2.   Mervyn

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    I'm a bit rusty on bages, and I don't have my books to hand, but the Cyclist Corps and Tyneside Irish are definitely WW1 period as, I think is the Carenarvonshire Volunteers. The Tyneside badge looks very shiny and new, and, despite the maker's mark, could well be a modern copy. Original Tyneside Irish badges are hard to find and not cheap, so if this one you've struck lucky.. The REME badge is post WW2 I think. The crown was the same for all monarchs after Victoria and before Elizabeth II.


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    I was given a Tyneside Irish badge, which turned out to be a modern copy.  I was told, on this forum as I remember it, that the Tyneside Irish badge was never worn on a cap, so a slider is wrong.  They were worn as collar badges with a Northumberland Fusiliers cap badge.



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    On 27/12/2015 at 23:51, dan.rceme said:

    Hi Ricardo, The REME badge is from 1947 to 1953. The WWII version has a laurel leaves with 4 shields and a caliper in the center with a crown on top of all. Each shield has one letter R E M E. Al the best

    Thank you Dan.:)

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