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    Miniature furniture

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    Nice piece Stuka  -  although a little worn with use.  In the UK they are often called Apprentice pieces as they were made as

    a final test of the Apprentice's skill.  What age would you put on this ?  Has a rather Georgian look - which if original would make

    it pre-1830 ?            Mervyn

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    Hey Mervin,


    apprentice piece, is what I ment with my bad english word; craftmanship's proof.

    I wouls also date it late 18th century.

    I like it very much!


    Hey Andreas,


    your drawer dress is of a different level! Very nice piece that is!

    Thanks for showing.





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    6 hours ago, Stuka f said:

    Not really furniture, but a miniature for sure.

    This well decorated +/- 30 cm high altar.


    That's quite impressing! 

    On 20/02/2015 at 12:05, dedehansen said:

    Hi Stuka,


    I like this pieces too, here mine a three - drawer dresser.




    That's what I call real craftsmanship! Wow Outstanding piece. 

    Edited by Uffz. Rohleder
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