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    Swedish Civilian with Hohenzollern House Order

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    This card landed in my mailbox yesterday ;)


    It shows a Swedish Ship Captain Johan Ernfrid Österman , age 89 1950 så born 1861


    He has the Swedish Queen Victoria Gold Medal and a Hohenzollern House Order ...


    What could lead to a civilian Swedish sailor get this order. Any thoughts ?


    I haven´t found anything yet on him on the net , but keep on looking.



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    Yes it looks much better in " real life"   :)   I have seen this postcard before and its really from the 1950s so well before all computers 


    I found on the internet that there is some articles written about him in different old books but I have to find them to know more. 


    It can of course be an old joke and he just borrowed a HHO to looks cooler  :cat:


    A mysterie that need an answer .....



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    Aha , Thanks KIm  :jumping:


    Just what I was looking for , he was never awarded any order at all what I can find out , but sold theese cards with himself  :cheeky:


    Where he got the order is unknown , but for sure it wasn´t hes 


    Case closed 



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