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    Staff Car (or Official's Car) flag? Any thoughts?

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    Hi all. First time I've had any spare moments to get on here in quite a while. As it is I'm now heading out the door again in about 30 minutes to head to Fargo for the day. VERY cold! Not looking forward to it.


    Anyhow, have this flag... thinking it's for a car... not sure. Measures 18x12 inches... could be for a boat too I guess... just not sure. Don't have it in hand yet so no idea if there are any markings on the fly but once I have it I'll post any I find.



    Closest thing I could find online is the flag for the Foreign Service... but it's just the blue field and stars... no eagle in the center. Possibly a U.S. Diplomats flag? I'll keep checking as I have time but hoping perhaps one of our members might recognize it.


    Any help, information, etc., would be, as always, deeply appreciated!  :beer:


    God bless,


    Dan  :cheers:



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    Found it! :jumping:  It is a U.S. Ambassadors car flag. It's shown here, first set of images, number 8 of 19 images:




    Here's the pic:



    But again if anyone has any additional info on these please don't hesitate to chime in.


    Many thanks!  :beer:


    God bless,


    Dan  :cheers:

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    Yes, you have found an U.S. ambassador's vehicle/small boat flag.   Your flag is of the design used by bi-lateral [country to country] ambassadors.   These flags [and the following ones] usually have gold/yellow color fringe when used indoors but do not have fringe when used outdoors. 


    The following flag used by U.S. ambassadors to international or multi-lateral organizations:












    U.S. consuls fly this flag:   305px-ConsularFlag-USNSpec.svg.png


    The following 13 star flag, in use before the EU 12 star flag but sometimes confused with it,  may be used by U.S. diplomatic officers not holding ambassadorial rank:    us_fso.gif


    The U.S. State Department authorizes several other distinct flags for the Department itself, the Secretary, Deputy Secretary and Under Secretary.  

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