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    The crown feels a little bit like a Bulgarian crown but is by no means a ringer.

    Any world travellers out there seen this castle before?


    ​It does seem like a Bulgarian crown.  But I can't place that castle view.  The details don't match up with Veliko Tarnovo.  Maybe a different Bulgarian castle?

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    Just received this...


    POLAND. Shares commemorative medal of Independence in Krakow in 1914., designed by Joseph Wolf struck in Vienna effort Książęco-Bishop's Committee in Krakow, Aw: Torso of the Virgin Mary with the Child and the inscription Queen CROWN POLISH IN YOU HOPE OUR MCMXIV, Rw: On a wreath of thorns and laurel view of Wawel Castle, at the top of the crown and eagle broke away the chains, brass 60.44 g, 41.5 x 64.2 mm, 271 R Strzałkowski


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    Right! I was just tipped off it has something to do with Castle Wawel in Cracow...but what? and when?


    ​Sorry.  I should have come up with this.  I've been to this castle.  That distinctive tower in the front should have dialed me in.

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