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Armenian Holocaust

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The conventional date for the start of the Armenian holocaust is 24 April 1915, or exactly one hundred years ago today. It's remarkable that despite the historical evidence and documentation of what happened, there are people who claim it never happened, and it does not appear in some national history books.

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Of course in happened. The method was similar to how the Germans marsched out the natives into the Kalahari dessert and starved them to death. What's rarely mentioned in conjunction with the Armenian episode is the reason for these dramatic occurances.

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cries gently whisper on winds eternal

Who was it that said religion is the root of all evil?


1515 Sultan Selim and the promise of free land by appointed governor Idris Hakim to Kurdish chieftains. Over the following centuries they stole staved massacred reduced Armenians to paupers and stripped away any rights whatsoever.

1878 Treaty of Berlin, 1895 May Reform Plan were European powers attempts addressed to the Ottoman Empire on reforms,, nothing happened instead in 1896 they went on the first 'modern' extermination campaign slaughtering tens of thousands.

On February 8 1914, the signing of the third and last international agreement (including the Ottoman Government) did nothing in effect Turkish leaders vowed to exterminate all Armenians in Asia-Minor.

During the war they pretty much sealed off the country and murdered over 1.5 million people no-one knows the exact number.

>It was at first communicated to you that the government, by the order of the Jamiet, had decided to destroy completely all the Armenians living in Turkey,,,an end must be be put to their existence, however criminal the measures taken may be, and no regard must be paid to either age or sex nor to conscientious scruples. (Minister of the Interior, Talaat 16/9/15)<

Above from a paper prepared by a Mr A.O.Sarkissian BA MA PhD his family was massacred 1915. The gent is formerly of Syracuse and Illinois Universities and worked as an analyst in International Relations for the Library of Congress.

When their allies Germany repeatedly sent representations,, the Turks basically told them to bugger off, and mind their own business.







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