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    This bar I believe originally came from the late Dave Simmons' collection. David's Collection went to Rick Lundstrom and this bar eventually found its' way to me.

    I find it to be a complete riddle.


    perhaps Daniel and others can come up with a reasonable explanation for what the awards are and why the bar is mounted like this with these devices. Rick never mentioned the bar to me and i never saw it posted or otherwise until after his passing.



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    I find it interesting with the Albert Order in first place, but I don't know what most of the other ribbons denote. The Weltkrieg bar from Saxony on the end looks to me to be an original and there's precious few of those about. But why it would be mounted there is beyond me.

    I've seen a few crowns on ribbons where it made no sense, I'm looking for the picture of an NC EK2 bar I have to a Bavarian that has a crown on the St. Michael ribbon!


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    Stogie in my eyes this bar is complete crap.... devices on ribbons that make no sense and all the ribbons together on one bar make no sense at all too.... in the best case it could be a second row (but I don`t think so) but even then the direction of the ribbon makes no sense with for example a Siam order between a colonial medal and a China medal....have seen a lot of weired original ones but I think this one is not a good one.

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    If we completely discount the devices as later attachments and as non-official, I wouldn't discount it so quickly. It seems as though we've got from left to right:


    1.) Sachsen Kriegsverdienstkreuz


    3.) Olga Orden

    4.) Colonial Medal

    5.) Siamese award (Order of the White Elephant?)

    6.) China Medal

    7.) Japanese Red Cross award

    8.) Prussian Long Service Award - could in reality be others too


    So... a well-travelled doctor, possibly from Saxony? The Saxon connection is not only due to the Kriegsverdienstkreuz, but also the Weltkrieg bar and the fact that the miniature iron crosses on ribbon bars are mostly found on Saxon bars. Since I don't know what the second award is the crown might be correct on it too. 


    An interesting one for sure.

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    The time range of this bar is 15 years minimum from 1901 to ww1 and this man must have been in at least two different colonial campaigns because the colonial medal is not for China , so if this is a prussian Long Service ribbon at the end there should be one ore two more prussian orders on the bar but there is nothing. If it was a saxon guy there should be a saxon Long Service Award instead of the prussian. No.2 could be a order from Finland , but I know them only with other devices , not with crown. For me the whole combination of the here seen 8 ribbons still makes no sense....

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