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    Korvettenkapitän Albrecht Boit

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    Hello all,


    searching for Information about Korvettenkapitän der Kriegsmarine Albrecht Boit....especially 3 Points:

    1. full list of his Awards - I know from ww1 EK2 + EK1 and from ww2 clasps for EK2 +EK1 and the german cross in Gold but there must be more....

    2. for what did he get his DKiG (german cross in Gold)

    3. as I know he was killed in Action in January 1945 - how and where ?


    thanks for all Information!!!

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    Hello Heiko.

    Morten showed the relevant entries from the Lohmann and Hildebrand reference book. Of note is the ending entry " verstorben" which shows that K.-Kpt. d.R. was not killed in action or "gefallen" but died of other causes while in command of 18.Vorposten Flotille but location is not given ( some hospital or such ).

    He was awarded the D.K.i.G. while with the 18. Vorposten Flotille probably as commander of the flotilla.

    Bernhard H. Holst

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    Taken from a WAF post dating from 2002 - information from Rick (Research) Lundstrum...


    Boit was a career regular officer in the Imperial navy, 1 April 1913 to 24 November 1919. 

    Leutnant zur See 14.10.17/ern. 18.9.15
    charakterisiert Oberleutnant zur See außer Dienst 24.11.19

    As of the February 1918 Marine Rangliste, he held the EK2. (that was often far from current on awards!)

    Served on "Viktoria Luise" to November 1914, then a platoon leader in Matrosen Regiment 5 in Flanders to Decmber 1914.

    He was a Watch Officer aboard torpedo boats "G8," "G11," and "G9" in that undated order, 10th Half Flotilla/Vth Flotilla to June 1918, then a Watch Officer aboard torpedo boat "S113" in XIIth Flotilla to the end of the war.

    Married before 1928, member # 3015 of the Marine Offiziere Verband. Between the wars he earned a Diplom Ingenieur ("Dipl. Ing." title in front of his name) and served as an engineer with the city of Hamburg's Wasserbaudirektion and Strom-und Hafenbau Baubehörde. He is listed as Oberleutnant zS dR in the 1937 MOV Directory, but there was never any public list of reserve naval officer commission dates under the Third Reich.


    Without his personnel file it might not be possible to find out why he won the DKiG. It could of been for a single action or for leadership abilities.

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    Thank you Morten for the scan and Bernhard for the info!!! Hucks thanks for the waf article from Rick.... I have some more info than given there from some of his personal documents - I just got a lot of things from Boit like photos and papers but have to go through them piece for piece what will take some time....will be back on tuesday with more info

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    OK....back from the paperjungle.... :wacky:

    what I can add so far are the Award Dates from ww1 : EK2 19.5.1916 and EK1 26.5.1918

    He was involved in both seabattles , at the Skagerrak and at the Doggerbank , and he survived when his Torpedoboot G9 sunk !!!

    Then I have his personal "Personalbogen" filled out from his widow after the war and there is clearly written : " gefallen am 29.1.1945 " !!! So, either the book or the widow is wrong....

    Awards from ww2 are written there : clasps for EK2 and EK1 and German cross in Gold......... now I have one photo (have to dig it out again...) where he is wearing a badge what I think is the Minensucher Kriegsabzeichen...but that is not written in the list.

    A lot of work still to do.....

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    Attached is his entry from the 1913 Crew book from ancestry.de.  It states clearly that he was killed by  English fighter bombers.



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    • 2 weeks later...

    Here it is... Korvettenkapitän der Reserve Boit , you can see clearly the clasps for EK2 and EK1 and the Minensucherbadge that is NOT mentioned in any of the docs I have or the sources you showed here - but he got it before the DKiG


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    There's nothing in the 2nd Tactical Air Force books about attacking seaborne targets on the day of his death which could help to rule out some squadrons related to how he died. It might be worth trawling through this linked page to see if they mention any attacks on any of the VP boats in his flotilla for that date...

    January 1945 Seekrieg

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