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    I showed this one of the WAF but I think it may be a better fit here. This is a great bar with a particularly violent history. The recipient was awarded for bravery in the First World War as well as during fighting in Africa. His Omaheke clasp commemorates the ruthless campaign against the Herero people - German troops defeated the Herero at the Battle of Waterberg in August 1904. They were forced into the Omaheke desert where countless people died of starvation and thirst. Those who tried to escape were cut down by German patrols on the desert border. It is widely considered the first instance of genocide in the 20th Century.

    I would almost expect him to have a Waterberg clasp as well.





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    I wonder of they all got together for a stitch and bitch after the war.

    Seriously, these are some sweet bars, Don. I really like seeing the Colonial bars with the Militär-Ehrenzeichen.

    I have read the Teske write-up before, Chris. Your site has become a tremendous reference for Imperial German history, especially for non-WWI Western Front history. Obviously the Western Front history is robust, but I have learned a lot about other fronts from your site.


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