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    Chinese award identification


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    Chinese awards are not my cup of tea, would anyone be able to identify this particular one? Any info would be great. Ribbon is only partial but appears to be of age and could be original. There is quite a bit of wear to it and I am hoping it is not a recent forgery. There is a 'vent' hole at the bottom of the rim, it appears to be hollow which would explain the 'vent'  hole. It appears to be of lower grade silver (although I did not test for it) with light gilding. I read through most of the topics in this section but cannot find exact one like it. Thank you in advance.



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    That was quick !!! Thank you very much. Do you know if this was indeed issued/made during his life - I read up a bit on him and the source I read said that he was a Governor of the Sichuan between 1916-1917, killed in 1922.  Would this be some kind of commemorative or other award?

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    Dear Gentlemen,


    This the "Luō Pèi jīn Commemorative medal":




    - obverse:

    above: "Sìchuān provincial military governor" (during the early Republic of China era (1911-1949 AD))

    under: "Gift from (presented by) Luō Pèi jīn"


    - reverse: "Commemorative medal"




    -Note: The medal was produced using the hollow welding process (in Chinese 中空焊接工藝) of the time.

               The medal has an internal support in the middle to support Luō Pèi jīn's portrait.


    Yours sincerely,

    No one


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