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    Queen's South Africa Campaign Medal

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    Hello readers.

    A recent acquisition is the pictured Q.S.A. Campaign Medal with clasps :

     Laing's Neck


     Relief of Ladysmith

     Orange Free State

     Tugela Heights

     Cape Colony

    Listed above because of low scan quality or pronounced patina.

    Rim inscription: 19973 Dvr E.McDougall 7th BTY. RFA


    Bernhard H. Holst


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    Hi Bernard......

    Bars on medal are good as awarded to McDougall

    Regimental Story.....

    7th Battery, Royal Field Artillery

    Present at Willow Grange, 23rd November 1899, Was heavily engaged at Colenso. Gained very great distinction for the efforts they made to rescue the guns of the 14th and 66th Batteries. Captain Reed got the VC, and 13 men were recommended for the distinguished conduct medal. One officer was killed, and 1 officer and 8 men wounded at Colenso.

    The battery accompanied Warren, and was in action near Spion Kop, 19th to 24th January 1900; was also at Vaal Krantz, and in the final and successful attempt at Colenso and Pieter's Hill.

    One man gained the distinguished conduct medal for excellent work on 22nd February. Took part in the advance to Volksrust. One officer was mentioned in General Buller's despatch "as a good horsemaster", perhaps the highest praise an artillery officer can get; but it might mean that his men were more adept in forage-stealing than their neighbours; but that also is praiseworthy.

    The battery was afterwards taken north, and was with Plumer and Paget (Lord Roberts' despatches of 10th October and 15th November 1900) when they captured the camp of Erasmus, September 1900, and was with Paget at Rhenoster Kop, 29th November 1900.

    Hope that this is of interest.......




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    Hi Everyone.......

    It is interesting that some people really think that QSA;s with Ghost Dates are quite rare......  According to a Royal Mint report there were about 50,000 medals re-struck (which created the Ghost Date) in 1901......


    And then from the Gloucester Citizen, 11 July 1902:

    " The greater portion of the work of striking South African medals and clasps was carried out by contractors in Birmingham and London. Taking 1900 and 1901 together the number of South African medals struck was 370,000 of which 50,000 were re-struck. Twenty-four kinds of clasps are being issued, and 686,701 have been made. The estimated cost of these medals and clasps up to the end of last year was 21,700 Pounds. "

    Interestingly that would give an average cost of about 6p per medal and clasp with an average of 1.85 clasp per medal !


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    Mike, I never said the Ghost dates were rare. I said it was a very very nice example of one. If I gave the impression that they were rare, I am sorry, it was no my intent. 

    I do like the additional information you provided as to numbers struck, including clasps and costs. The cost of 21,700 Pounds, that includes the medals and clasps combined? 

    I have only one QSA/KSA pair in my collection, but I have just inked a deal on a single QSA with bar 1901 to the RAMC. Also included is a single BWM to the same man but named to him in the 95-CAN.INF.

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    Good Morning Pylon......

    Sorry if I gave the impression that they were rare.....  Just wanted to provide some information on the ghost date.....  It just gets me when dealers put a bonus price on ghost dated medals....







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