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    Searching for informations about Hauptmann/Major Hartong

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    Hello Gentlemen, I´m looking for informations about

    Hauptmann der Landwehr der Telegraphentruppe Hartong.

    I known that he was in Soest and that he got the Landwehrdienstauszeichnung 1. class.

    I couldn´t find him in the Ehrenrangliste 1914 / 1918, but he must have been there.

    That´s the reason why....



    Every help appreciated



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    Hello Andreas!

    Why must he has been mentioned in the Ehrenrangliste? There were only those soldiers, who served in an active unit in 1914.

    I´ven found a "Telegraphen-Hartong" in the following Ranglisten:


    1909: Reserve-Ofizier, Leutnant im Telegraphen-Btl.2 (Soest), LD2

    1911: Reserve-Offizier, Oberleutnant im Telegraphen-Btl.2 (Soest), LD2

    1913: Reserve-Offizier, Oberleutnant der Telegraphentruppen, 1.Aufgebot (Soest), LD2

    1914: Reserve-Offizier, Hauptmann der Telegraphentruppe, 1.Aufgebot (Soest), LD1


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    I find these shoulder boards interesting in that when he became a Hauptmann he had no battalion number. Would this be because he was some sort of unassigned officer or was this common for reserve officers? Normally, only Bavarian officers had this style "T" (until later in the war) with no number. He must have continued to use his pre-1911 (red Unterlage) shoulder boards even by 1914! By the time he becomes a Major he has the correct hellgrau color. I am also not familiar with the Roman numerals on such a board. Could this indicate a corps level association or is it just another way to show 2nd battalion?


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    @ Andy, my hope was to find him in the Ehrenrangliste, but are no Reserveoffiziere shown only

    As you mention aktive Offiziere and wiederverwendete aktive Offiziere from 1866 and 1870

    @ Chip, I don´t know what II on the Major boards means and the heirs didn´t either.

    Here his others





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    This is the info I have on Hptm.d.L. Hartong.  I can find nothing in the MWB that shows he was promoted Major, though that does not mean much if these items come directly from his family. 
















    Landwehr d. Telegraphentruppen (Soest)

    1908 Oberpostprakt. in Oppeln


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    I´ve found another Hartong, but I don´t know, if he is it...

    Rangliste 1899:

    Reserveoffizier Leutnant Hartong from Schleswig in Inf.Rgt.84

    Rangliste 1900:

    Reserveoffizier Leutnant Hartong fro m Schleswig in Tel.Btl.2

    Rangliste 1904:

    Reserveoffizier Leutnant Hartong from Aachen in Inf.Rgt.29

    Reserveoffizier Leutnant Hartong from Oppeln in Tel.Btl.2

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    Hi Andy and Andy,

    I think it  is him, the age seems to fit to the rank.

    Today i spoke to the grandchildren, they told me that he was working

    as an higher civil servant with the post and that he served in WWI and

    abrakadabra this came out from a drawer.

    Hartong_Knopflochschleife.thumb.jpg.8479Knopflochschleife with:

    Eisernes Kreuz 1914 2nd class

    Kreuz für Kriegshilfe

    Kriegsverdienstkreuz 2nd classs Braunschweig

    Hanseatenkreuz Hamburg

    Ehrenkreuz für Frontkämpfer


    and Landwehrdienstauszeichnung 1th class


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