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    British WWI holster?

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    The holster below looks British to me but after searching for photos of Webley and Enfield holsters I'm no longer sure, what do you think?

    It's brown and is marked 14, below that is 38-4 and under that it's stamped medium. Could it be Belgian?








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    I'm no expert, but the markings and the appearance seem to suggest: It was made for a Smith & Wesson, Model 14, 38 Special, 4 inch barrel. If so, it is post 1957, and any military connection is purely incidental. HOWEVER, I've been wrong so many, many times in my long life, that I recommend that you pursue your inquiries beyond my 2 cents worth! The maker is anybody's guess. 

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    Thanks mate, just had a quick squiz online it and you could be correct, and what with Chris' RCMP thought I found this http://smith-wessonforum.com/s-w-hand-ejectors-1896-1961/324959-1916-455-mkii-2nd-unmolested-picture-heavy.html

    Not an exact match but very close although the link is all about the gun rather than the holster.

    Some similar ones here too http://gmic.co.uk/forums/topic/42038-royal-canadian-mounted-police-badges-and-uniforms/?page=7

    I think it's safe to say it's S&W but I'll have to keep on searching for an exact match.


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