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    Transliteration help need

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    My Russian reading skills being very low, can someone transliterate the name in the following award booklet? So far, all I know is that he got two consecutively numbered Red Stars, a Red Banner and a Lenin by 1945.


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    Guest Rick Research

    I'd say Yegor Kirillovich Sorokin up top, only because transcription would have made it that way at the time I learned Russian. That's the Ye as in Yeltsin, though I notice he is currently being spelled "Eltsin."

    So I'm a fossil.

    Post #4: Fyedor/Fedor Dmitrievich Mashenko

    #5 Damdingyn/Damdingiin Byambasuryen

    #6 Baty(k?n?)/Batii(k?n?) Dozhy/Dozhii

    #7 Byashdo (L? D?) ashzhav

    (These Mongolian names are much harder to fill in BAD HANDWITING since do not KNOW what "normal" names ARE)

    #8 D(..)yerzhav Ishgyen

    #9 Badamzhav Yanzh(?)ilkam

    #10 GOOD LUCK!!!!

    #11 Luvsan something

    #12 Sugary(n?k?)/Sugarii(n?k?) Kharkhuu

    #13 Shavy(n?k?)/Shavii(n?k?) Khavdal

    #14 Gombod(...) Borkhuu

    It's a matter of choice, local pronounciation how to deal with the various distinct Cyrillic characteries that can be renderied in English either as the awkward "ii" or the "y" as in "sunny" making the same sound.

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