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    Good dealers for original PAB's & CCC's

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    I am about to start collecting my first PAB and CCC but have realised that there are a lot of fakes about. In order that I don't make a mistake does anyone recommend any honest dealers/ websites that I can browse ??

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    Well, the Ruptured Duck and Collectors Guild are standard places with great reputations and liberal return policies!




    Their prices are not bargains, but you will be receiving a correct item with a lifetime guarantee for originality


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    image.thumb.jpeg.41d3ad0b8082d24241d7ea6image.thumb.jpeg.8599c052868b4337ca6f798Thanks Paul, I'll check them out.

    Out of interest I have two bronze PAB's recovered from the Narva battlefield. I have noticed that one seems heavier than the other and looks as though it is made out of a different metal although both badges look the same  and are not maker stamped that I can see. I have enclosed photographs.

    Any ideas?


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