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    A Very interesting W?rttemberg Medal Bar

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    When I first received the photos of this bar from a contact in Germany I could not for the life of me figure out why they mounted the Baden Merit Medal like this..... when it showed up, neatly behind the Silver Bravery Medal is a pair of stitches to keep the Baden Medal from sliding around. Of additional interest is the W?rttemberg Fire Service Medal for 25 Years Long Service awarded 1919-20 ONLY!!!!! Just one of the spiifiest frack bars I've ever found!

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    Guest Rick Research

    The Baden connection would seem to indicate an Infantry Regiment 126 veteran.

    The black wartime+ issue IX Years Medal shows this was probably a man who enlisted in 1915, getting this on discharge as a double time regular.

    And the Weimar-into-Third-Reich W?rttemberg 25 Years Fire Service Medal (very very nice BTW) was probably given just before the Hindenburg Cross came out-- so this guy had been a volunteer fireman even before signing on for the army during the war.

    Such a nice bar (weird suspebsion) but no Hindeburg Cross.... ??? DIED/KILLED circa 1934? We'll never know, now. :(

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    • 2 weeks later...

    and, in fact, i WILL find a place for it...

    while the ambiance and panache of stogie's

    astroturf is hard to beat, i am compelled to

    do my own dark thing....

    the stabilizer stitch for the baden medal

    underneath the wurtt is SLICK.

    a gem of a bar. thanks, ricardo!


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