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    Real air crew Europe star?

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    Hi guys! I've bought this medal from a dealer and was wondering if it's real? Looks really good on comparison websites and just want a second opinion. It weighs 17g and exactly the same width and lengh as all my other stars which are genuine! 



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    Welcome to the forum.

    The first things I look for are the position of the W and the dimpling. The W in yours looks ok but the photos aren't large enough to be certain about the dimpling, have a look here if you're not 100% sure http://www.northeastmedals.co.uk/britishguide/aircreweurpestarcopyfake.htm

    Is the Atlantic clasp original?


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    Don't know, I suppose looking at it at face value any group with the Battle of Britain clasp but the real value is in the research, the man or woman behind the medals. As WWII Brit medals aren't named it makes research impossible without any accompanying paperwork.

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    As Tony says, the value is mostly determined by the ID of the original recipient.  Indian Army and Air Force recipients and, I think, the South Africans had theirs named on issue.  I had my father-in-laws privately named after I oersuaded him to apply for them in the 1980s.  Otherwise, one is forced to rely on 'attribution' and provenence, and given the interest in and value of medals these days i personally would not consider buying a group to a 'famous' recipient without absolutley cast iron provenance.  

    Someone on another forum not long ago admitted having been badly burned on a whole raft of RAF stuff including what was alleged to be a log book for the leader of the Dam Busters squadron, which a little research would have told him is in the NAM.  People love to believe and attach stories to artifacts because, after all, the objest evokes the story but an unnamed medal is just that and the best one can say with certainty is that 'X thousand were issued but only Y hundred with this bar, so thsi is IF REAL quite a rare thing'.

    If it is genuine, and I have no opinion on one way or the other, you're lucky and I hope it brings you much pleasure! :)


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