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    Cast Iron Radiator - VEB Harzer-Werke

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    This is an Award my Grandpa gets as retirement Award. He was a Radiatoren-Fräser (Radiator Cutter) in the VEB Harzer-Werke. Its the only one i ever saw.

    He pre war he was a Polsterer und Dekorateur (Upholsterer and decorator) - during the war he was a high decorated Feldwebel - in 1950 he come home from his captivity in russia. He startet a new life with his wife. He didnt like the GDR - after the fall of the Wall he putt all hisstuff away. I remember as kid i loved this Radiator - it always stand in his cabinet. It was the only piece the GDR he kept visible. He always talked about his time during the war. How he won his Close Combat Clasp in Silver and his iron crosses. So when i look as this piece... i can nearly feel that he were still alive... good childhood memories. My Grandma forbid him always to told me his war storys... man i realy mis him... sorry for went a little off topic...:blush::blush:






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    Yes to bad. But its a nice looking piece. 


    My dad also worked in the VEB Harzer Werke. He told me just a hand full of them were given as retirement award. He just know one other but with an other more modern type of radiator mounted.

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