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    Order of the White Eagle

    Chuck In Oregon

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    I've had this order for a number of years, 13 or so.  I've started selling my collectibles and I think I'll list it on the bay.  Problem is, I have no idea what it might be worth or even what level of award it is.  I've seen so many on the 'net.  The red enamel loss is obvious but the rest is very solid.  Can someone please help me?  I would appreciate any information at all.



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    Hello Chuck

    This is Serbian order of the White Eagle, it depends of the size which class it is. If this is the higher grade do you maybe have a star or a ribbon to determine the class, cause first three grades have this medal of the same size.

    Hope this helpes :)


    Oh I have forgot to say that if it is a small dimension than it is 4. or 5. class. 4. class gilded, 5. class not gilded.

    Best regards

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    As Joseph indicated Serbian Order of the White Eagle, the swords make up for the enamel loss in the price, it should probably command a bit lower price tag as a "perfect" Order of the White Eagle without swords.


    Can you post a photo of it next to another Order? Order of the Red Star or similar?

    From the look of your piece it looks like a 5th class, the crown is a bit smaller on them, but just in case please post something next to it for size comparison :) , have you seen any hallmark on the suspension ring or crown?

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    Order is made by Bertrand, it's definitely lower class (IV or V). Badge on III class and higher looks different. The detail that caught my attention are the swords, I don't remember seeing something like that before. They seem to be longer than usual and also looks like their back side is "flat".

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