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    I don't recognize the name, though the style is reminscent of Barnsfather's cartoons and I know I've seen this picture before.  I suspect it was originally a cartoon which someone had printed up in colour, or tinted, for vetereans to hanf up and laugh at.

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    Peter is quite right. This is a copy of the original postcard design by Bruce Bairnsfather (an Officer in the Royal Warwickshire Regt.).

    The publisher Bystander produced sets of postcards called "Fragments from France" that were Bairnsfather's illustrations of Old Bill's 'adventures' in the trenches - sometimes based on Bairnsfather's actual experiences. Each set contained 6 postcards, there were 9 sets in total.

    This one, called AD Nineteen Fifty was included in set 4. A pretty good copy but you can see some changes from the original. Just as a note - Gouache is a type of paint, similar to watercolour but very opaque (the colour you mix is the colour you get on the paper).  

    FFF 1 [1600x1200].jpg.opt350x231o0,0s350x231.jpg


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