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    Badge of the Life-Guards Volynsky Regiment

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    I acquired this badge back in the early '90s. Recently I heard these were being reproduced.

    Badge of the Life-Guards Volynsky Regiment - Provisional Government

    Officially approved in 1917.

    Silver badge is in a shape of the wreath of wheatear from one side and palm brunch from the

    other. In the center of the badge there is standing soldier with a red flag and next to him is

    sitting woman in a traditional Russian dress. She holds a shield with the date on it “February

    27, 1917” and silver branch in left hand. This badge was given to soldiers of reserved

    battalion of Volynsky regiment, particularly to those who participated in the events of

    February 1917. Soldier’s full name was engraved followed the regiment’s name “Volynetz”.





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    Thanks for the info. I had it looked at years ago and got a thumbs up then also..

    Does anyone know what the number of this badge awarded?

    Can anyone translate the Awardees name?


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