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    Hi everybody,

    Recently I was lucky enough to get this very nice mini chain which belonged to Leutnant der Reserve Walter Dittrich.

    It is composed by SA3bX, SHMg, SHMs, EK2.

    Of course the rarity is about the SHMg. Only 150 were awarded during the Great War and only three men received it as flyer.

    He received the following orders :

    SA3bX, ? probably at the end of 1918 or after.

    SHMg, 24 juillet 1917,

    SHMs, 31 octobre 1916,

    EK2, 14 janvier 1916,

    EK1, ?

    Pilot badge, 13 janvier 1916,

    Ehrenbecher, 1917

    Wound badge, probably silver or gold, 1918.


    Here is photo of Dittrich from the following book :

    Ehrenbuch der Inhaber der Sächsische Goldenen Militär St Heinrichs-Medaille, Dresden, Selbst Verlag, 1936, 264 p.


    There is a little biography on the O’CONNOR (N.W.),  Aviation Awards of Imperial Germany in World War One, vol. 3, The Kingdom of Saxony, Princeton, New Jersey, 1993, 279 p.



    As you can see, he has chosen to wear the Albert Order before the SHMg.


    I have in my collection a small ribbon bar which have the same combo (both SH ribbons and after the SA3 ribbon. I have no idea if it is from the same man or not. I can only imagine. I think about the ribbon bar that this one the first ribbon is for the knight cross of St Henry and after the SHMs. That's why both ribbons are ahead the SA ribbon.




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    I tried forever to find a real SHM in gold, Closest I ever got was the mini, But mine was loose, not on a chain like yours. So very nice!!!

    I remember Detlev going to an auction house for me on a gold medal once. I bid 2400 Euro and still did not win!!

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