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    Can anyone help?

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    Firstly, apologies if this is in the wrong section. I recently acquired some sheets of what were described as "Cinderella stamps". They are Dutch, and date from late 1944. Does anyone know what they are? Any help would be great, thanks.



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    Hi, Larry,

    The stamps are in sheets - as per scans. Wouldn`t want to separate them, sorry. I`ve cropped and resized if that might help.

    img001 - Copy.jpg

    img003 - Copy.jpg

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    Hi, Larry,


    Didn`t think it would show in any stamp catalogues. They`re "Cinderellas". I`m wondering if they had anything to do with rationing? The dates on the various stamps are around the period of shortages at the end of 1944.

    Thanks for your help.



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    Hi, Spreagle,


    I have looked at the article in the past, but it doesn`t really help to explain these particular "stamps". With their dates all being in the latter part of 44 I`m sure they must have something to do with the food shortages. Some of the designs show bread, others a cow (meat?).

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