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    Hi everyone!

    I'm interested in purchasing this medal from a dealer, and I'm a little concerned about the color of the ribbon.  I know it's probably a replacement, and I'm fine with it, but to me the color is a little too "purple" from the photos I have seen of original medals/ribbons.  What do you all think?  Is it the "correct" ribbon for this medal?

    Thanks in advance!



    Wilhelms Medal.jpg

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    Then again, maybe not!  Found this photo of an old bar, and the color is similar.  I've seen some where the purple center stripe is a reddish/maroon...



    Image 2.jpeg

    Could just be the lighting...?

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    Hi Jason,

    Just a novice collector but  in my opinion looking at Jorg Nimmerguts Banderkatalog the blue on the ribbon looks too dark (#195). The ribbon looks closer to a Wurttemberg 1st or 2nd class DA ribbon for 1833-1850 (#643).


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    11 hours ago, jshorter said:

    I asked the dealer to take a photo of the medal on a white background, and what a difference!!!  ;)

    It is! That is a lesson for us all, Jason, for when we are taking photos of our own collections.

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