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  1. Hi Peter, what period is the Saxon Henty order from it looks very different from the WWI pieces I have seen. chuck
  2. Gentlemen, I've purchased a nice cross from Braunschweig Military merit Cross 1st that is on the way from the dealer, and am looking at identifying who may be the maker. I recently noticed WOSCHLER ORDER had sold one that looks identical except the needle system. They have quoted the below literature stating Herman Jurgens had provided cross supplied by two jewelers Lauer of Nurnberg, and Brehmer of Markneukirchen. Does anyone know if this cross is from either manufacture?? Literatur: Lehmann, Eike. Geschichte des braunschweigschen Kriegsverdienstkreuzes. In: Orden und Ehrenzeichen. Das Magazin für Freunde der Phaleristik Nr. 122 (August 2019). S. 182–195.
  3. My first BMVO With swords and crown from Weiss and Co. A little wrought around the edges, but I think a nice piece for my Bavarian Military Merit collection. Can anyone tell me why the blue enamel is very dark I though it was supposed to be more transparent which is the way it shows in the photos?
  4. Hi Bob, nice photos and thanks for sharing. do you take any photos of the Imperial Saxon orders and decorations? regards, chuck
  5. my small collection o f IC 1's. A maker marked Godet "G" pinback A unidentified maker with screw back. A unmarked "AWS" screw back prince cross.
  6. Gentlemen, Thank you all for your comments. if I understand the production of such a cross could have taken place during the later period of the war 1917/18 or sometime after the war. I am happy with the piece and it goes well with my small collection of 3 crosses which I would like to post shortly. regards, chuck
  7. Chris, very nice box and a wonderful find to say the least. can we see the backs of the IC 1 and wound badge? Regards, Chuck
  8. Iron Cross Guru if you don't mind the name. can anyone comment on when these screw back type cross came on to the market? I have seen the same type in other state awards such as Oldenburg FA 1st class, and considered buying the piece as a postwar cross to add next to the official awards type. Regards, Chuck
  9. Saschaw, Thank you very much for enlightening me on this subject. I was not aware that many of the manufacturing firms sold their cores to other company or jewelers to be put together. I am happy with the cross and it goes will with my pinback Godet. if I could trouble you do you have any comment on when this type of backing set-up may have been introduced and sold on the market?? sincerely chuck
  10. Congratulations I think that is a really cool board you have purchased. I have a question, as their are several different types of swords do they represent different kingdoms? chuck
  11. Claudio congratulations on the new bar. it is very good looking bar. could you please explain all the devices as I do not know what many of the ribbons or devices signify. thanks, chuck
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