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  1. Eric, Nice cross unfortunately for me it seems dealers add several hundred dollars when they see a meybauer. I would like to find a nice Knauer award piece next. Thanks, Chuck
  2. Hi Eric I'm okay with the a little grime and will leave the cross with such character. I purchased this one as i have an Iron Cross 1st class with the same type of fastener. unfortunately, i have not been able to identify a potential manufacture only some grateful comments by fellow members as these most likely were first produced late war or after. regards, Chuck
  3. Gentlemen, I just purchased a FA 1st class with a screw on back plate. I wanted some opinions on this cross as this is the only thread (mike k post) i have seen with such a FA cross. Thank you greatly for any replies Chuck
  4. Here is an example of several campaign bars. http://antique-photos.com/en/awardsdatabase/ottoman-empire/391-harb-madalyasi.html
  5. A wonderful thread for a very interesting and certainly complex subject to understand why someone may received an award from various states... Thank You, Chuck
  6. After a long delay due to mail restrictions i final received my KVK. I ask again does nay one know who the manufactured this type?
  7. Dear Simius Rex, Can you kindly provide a link to the article I wouldn't mind reading the article and further expanding my knowledge. Thank You, Chuck
  8. Hi Deruelle, As I have the variant cross does Nimmergut state who the manufactures was and if that is considered an award piece or a period second piece? Thanks, Chuck
  9. Nice set they are on my wish list, and I know the crown is difficult to find.
  10. On the original post the Klienerrock has two ribbons in the button hole. the 1st ribbon is all Black. Is that the Prussian Order of St John, or is their another award that uses the same single black color ribbon? chuck
  11. Mecklenburg Schwerin and Mecklenburg Sterlitz used the same color combination on their ribbon for their Military Merit crosses 2nd class. Chuck
  12. J Temple West, Do you know when Brehmer, MarkneuKirchen was in business. I am interested in Bruinschweig War Merit cross 1st Class from WW 1 that I have told were produced by that firm for the Royal court jeweler Hermann Jerguns. Thanks , Chuck
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