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  1. Beau, I have seen the book on amazon(?), and the review was poor. I guess it is a small niche collectable area that has not been written. Thanks, Chuck
  2. Very nice and distinctive reverse on the badge. Regards, Chuck On a complete separate note does anyone know of a good book on WW1 wound badges?
  3. Gilded Bronze medal were produced at the end of the war. The Awards of Saxon Gold Military St.Henry Medal Recipient Vizefeldwebel Jakob Krems (medalnet.net) The Gold Military St. Henry Medal awarded to Jakob Krems is shown below. It was struck from bronze and gilded. The die-maker’s initials “F.U.” (Karl Christian Friedrich Ulbricht) are present at the neck of the bust of Friedrich August. There is a circular punch-mark on the rim of the medal at approximately 3 o’ clock (see Figure 15). This punch-mark denotes that this is an original mint-struck and officially awa
  4. Hi Beery, can you show the reverse of the prince size wound badge, or is that a miniature badge? chuck
  5. All, This is only my fourth wound badge in my collection and am trying to focus on some of the more scares badges. I've also picked up a Zinc and 2 DRGM Badges. i would like to find a Deumer or schickle badge to next add to my collection. Thank you for the comments Chuck
  6. Gentlemen, After a rather long wait on DHL I finally received my late Christmas present. After reviewing several threads on the GMIC site i strongly believe this to be a Meybauer badge. I wold greatly appreciate any opinions on the badge and if i am correct on the identification. I've included the two posts that I've used for identification. Thank you very much, Chuck
  7. Great bar the 1st Class BMVK is very rare (150-160 awards), and greatly faked on a lot of web sites. Regards Chuck
  8. Hi Eric, Sorry their doe snot appear to be a link in you reply. Chuck
  9. Really nice cross from Godet. I've never seen any Iron Cross stamped with the crown and moon stamp. I though that was something that jeweler's had stopped using during the First World War with so many crosses being produced and awarded. chuck
  10. Really amazing that Baden was so frugal as to not provide a nice case. chuck
  11. Hi Alex, Here are two sites for the prussian officers cross and the enlisted cross. Antique Photos - Long Service Award for Officers (antique-photos.com) Dienstauszeichnung 1.Klasse 1913 für 15 Jahre (ehrenzeichen-orden.de) To add to the confusion, the confusion the hessian and prussian 15 year cross are very similar. Dienstauszeichnung 1. Klasse für 15 Jahre 1913 (ehrenzeichen-orden.de) regards, chuck
  12. Hi Vince, I already had it on order as the pieces i have seen on line are normally 3 x the price. I'll post some better photos later and see if i made a bad choice. Thanks, chuck
  13. Hi Vince, I'm thankful and value all opinions of the members. As their were over million recipients of the medal i would imagine a large number of companies produced with variations in secondary awards. Could you please elaborate why you think the details are weak. Thank You very much Chuck
  14. Gentlemen, I am considering purchasing this prince size (29.9 mm) Kaiser century medal. I know these are unofficial awards pieces and wanted any opinion on if this would be a good period piece? regards, chuck
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