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  1. Claudio congratulations on the new bar. it is very good looking bar. could you please explain all the devices as I do not know what many of the ribbons or devices signify. thanks, chuck
  2. My guess on #7 would be the Schaumburg Lippe Military Merit Medal 1870. three lines of text on the reverse; Fur - Militair - Verdienst https://www.ehrenzeichen-orden.de/deutsche-staaten/militar-verdienstmedaille-form-1870.html regards, Chuck
  3. Gentlemen, I believe a found the same core coss marked as wagner and son on sale from weitze. can anyone tell me if wagner made crosses without a makers mark?? https://www.weitze.com/militaria/89/Preussen_Eisernes_Kreuz_1914_1_Klasse__351889.html regards, chuck
  4. very beautiful award and on my wish list. I can see the center medallion is much simpler castle than the later version which also appears to have a thicker ring around the center medallion. Regards, Chuck
  5. any suggestions would be welcome...
  6. Good Evening Gentlemen, I am hoping someone can assist me in identifying the maker of this iron cross I recently purchased. It is only marked 800 silver, and I've seen an older thread that identified a similar set-up the type as 1920's manufacture. However, after looking through the GMIC sit a could not find a similar cross. Thank you Chuck
  7. Good Evening, according to the listed website their is 11,100 crosses awarded with swords. (google translate as I can not) https://www.ehrenzeichen-orden.de/deutsche-staaten/albrechtsorden-ritterkreuz-2-klasse-mit-schwerter.html Order of Albrecht Knight's Cross 2nd class with swords The Albrechtesorden was donated by King Friedrich August II as a souvenir of Duke Albrecht the Beherzten on 31.12.1850. He first divided into the following classes: Grand Cross, Commander's Cross 1, Commander's Cross 2, Knight's Cross and Cross. The first form of the order, with a "baker's hat", was awarded until 1875. The portrait in the medallion probably represents the greatest error in the history of the Order. The portrait did not depict Albrecht the Afflicted, but John the Constant's nephews from the Ernestine line. This embarrassing mistake was corrected with the change in the medallion. The second form shows the right Albrecht with folding cap. In 1866 the swords were donated to all classes. The knights were divided in 1876 into Knights 1st and 2nd class. The cross of honor was canceled and was now the 2nd class of knights. The Albrechtskreuz replaces the golden medal as 6th grade. In 1890 the officer's cross was donated over the 1st class. Second Class Knight Crosses were made in silver or made of silver with gilt middle shields and swords. The size varies between 48-46 mm x 34.5-33.5 mm. The cross was awarded with swords about 11,100 times. regards chuck
  8. Paris, I see the difference is the ribbons for the two medals. https://www.ehrenzeichen-orden.de/deutsche-staaten/allgemeines-ehrenzeichen-fur-tapferkeit-1894.html Band: Band 1 AEZ : hellblau 35 mm, Ränder 1 mm, Randstreifen rot 3 mm. Band 2 Kriegsband: hellblau 36 mm, Ränder 2 mm, Randstreifen rot 6 mm. regards, chuck
  9. very nice bar. what is the 2nd and 3rd medal? their is a slight difference in ribbons. chuck
  10. very nice photo to bad he missed out on the clasp and it would be perfect. regards chuck
  11. the color looks light blue with red stripes and seems to match the standard hessen ribbon but could not be a bravery award as the location is wrong. . not my picture from a GMIC member in the hessen bars thread chuck
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