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    Information of my Great Grand father


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    I am trying to learn more about my Great Grand Father. His name was Grósz Ferenc, he was born in 1890 in the Hungarian town of Kőszeg. He fought during the Great War for Austria-Hungary.
    I was told by my grand father he was left for dead on the battlefield. I believe he was badly injured by a bayonet and received multiple bullets in a leg. I was told he stayed for two years in an Polish Hospital in order to recover.

    • With the info I provided, is there a database where I could learn more about his military duties?
    • On the attached picture, is there someone who can help me identify the Medals?
    • With the uniform, can we know the branch of the army he served in?
    • I believe he had a brother called Grósz Károly who died in 1914, I believe he died in the war I would like to confirm it.

    Thanks in advance,

    Best regards,


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    Your Great Grandfather is wearing the rank insignia of a Zugsführer  (Section leader).  His medals are as follows;

    Small silvery bravery with a bar indicating a 2nd award

    Small bronze bravery with a bar indicating a 2nd award

    Karl Truppen Kreuz (KTK)

    1912-1913 Mobilization cross

    NCO’s Long service award (can’t tell which one)

    He is probably infantry, but I can’t tell you the Regiment.

    Regards, Ian

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    Hi Ace...

    the map above shows part of a map of the districts each regiments recruited from. It shows Koszeg in Szombathely District.

    So Koszeg provided men to I.R.83.

    Infantry Regiment 83 of the Austro-Hungarian Army (KuK) The Combined/common army.


    General Von Schikofsky No 83


    so, as it happens, your Great Grandfather served alongside my Grandfather in the 83rd!


    hope this is correct and helpful




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    Hello : Great Grandfather wears a not common field grey uniform , at least for NCO s . Its an Infantry one , not common are the breast pockets ,pleated and with visible buttons . The stripe of cloth behind the rank stars is in the regimental colour the colour for the 83 common IR was dark brown . the stripe visible is darker than the uniform so , could be the 83 .another option is thatthe portrayed belonged to a Honved IR . in that case the colour of the stripe must be schieffer grau a dark grey blue .

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    Hi Bayern and Accer

    after reading your post I checked a photo with my GF and his men.

    Looked at the pic before and noticed the mix of uniforms, in particular the caps.... some I think of as Austrian style- peaked- others looked hungarian. I hadn't given it too much thought.

    but ive just noticed the collar on the one man right of centre front.

    it possibly matches the one in Accers photo, I think the pocket designs are similar too.

    The photo was taken in Podlipie in 10 Oct 1917.

    ive always thought this was his IR83 platoon but now wonder if these are men from different units?

    perhaps a training course?

    I'm going to try and upload my photo....





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    Hello Farkas : The peakless caps in the WW1 austro hungarian Army were used mainly by the Cavalry units and the mounted Artillery . so the men wearing peakless caps could be dismounted hussars machine gunners . in that case the colour of the strip of cloth would had been dark blue . The two men placed in the center of the photo are officers , the one at the left bears a collar patch of dark colour with a rank star and at the rear of the star a badge probably that of a machine gunner . The other has a rank star and in place of a full patch only a stripe in the same dark colour . Another point : All the visible belts are of the Cavalry model .

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