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Freikorps; 2nd Landeschützen-Brigade

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Un-packing some of my collection, here is a set of documents to reserve Lieutenant of Reserve Infantry Regiment III/252, 76. Reserve-Division  Kurt Wilhelm, later Battalion Adjutant Freikorps 2nd Landeschützen Brigade

There are some documents relating to his one-year volunteer time. He saw action at Eastern and Western Front. According to a certificate of his Battalion commander he earned his EK1 "in a hail of bullets" . Since he was a native Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt he got the rare Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt Cross of Honour 3. Class with swords. (According to his Kriegsstammrolle).


In December 1918 he entered the Freikorps 2nd Landeschützen-Brigade:




He took part in the following operations:

Border Protection (12/12/18-14/12/18)

Occupation of Berlin (11/01/19-21/01/19)

Occupation of Bremen (06/02/19-19/02/19)

Occupation of Wilhelmshaven (20/02/19-24/02/19)

Protection of Ruhr coal mines (25/02/19-27/02/19)

1st Occupation of Düsseldorf (28/02/19-11/03/19)

2nd Occupation of Berlin (12/03/19-21/03/19)

2nd Occupation of Düsseldorf (05/04/19-08/06/19)

Rest in the area eastern Magdeburg (09/06/19-29/06/19)


According to a certificate of his Freikorps Battalion commander he did a great service as Battalion adjutant during the riots in Berlin, Bremen, Wilhelmshaven, Düsseldorf and Essen.


I am sure there must be a photograph or period newspaper cutting of this gallant soldier....if anyone has the 76. Reserve-Division (Chronik 1914/1918) - Der erste Weltkrieg could they check for Ltn Wilhelm?










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forgot to mention this came from the same source but believed to be un-related


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Very cool. That is the first time I have ever seen the parents' authorization form for the one year volunteer program. Very cool group.

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Hi Dante,

with regard to the photo in  #2 it depends on what you mean be unrelated. The soldiers wear the emblem of the Landesschützenkorps on their collar. So that relates unitwise at least.


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