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    Arab badge ID


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    This is my first post. I normally collect helmets but was working in Israel for a long period last year and started picking up insignia form arab armies as a distraction.


    I’ve managed to identify most of the stuff I have but a few of them I can’t. Hopefully one of you will be able to help.


    The first one is the epaulette badge on the left, shown next to an Arab Legion badge for scale, I think it’s Jordanian, the backing plate is the same for both badges.


    The second, is the badge on the right with the crossed swords and grenade, shown next to a Syrian infantry collar badge. No idea where it is from, it has a screw back.


    Lastly, the badge on the left I believe is Jordanian border guard, the one on the right I have no idea.


    Thanks in advance for your help.




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    Welcome to the GMIC!  We have a number of members with interests and expertise in Middle Eastern militaria, including at least one who collects to the Omani forces, so I'm sure they will chime in here when they notice your post.  Or, if you have the time and inclination, you might search some of our posts and look for similar badges and or said experts.  Most of us are quite happy to respond to private requests for assistance, I think.

    Hope to see you with us again soon!


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    5 hours ago, Paul R said:

    What type of uniforms did the Jordanians use at the time?  British inspired?

    Paul, the Jordanians were heavily British biased in the uniforms and insignia, up until the 1970's when they transitioned over to US supply.

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