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    Chinese General's ribbon bar?


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    I never understood how they arranged their ribbon bars or the medals that they represent. I think there is somewhat of a pattern, but not really? It seems that every one I see, it looks all the same medals being awarded (multiple times).

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    these are not medal-ribbon bar. infact chinese PLA no ribbon bar after 1955. 

    chinese even no medal grade after 1955.

    so chinese medal are very  un-interesting for collect after 1955.

    these bar used for show officer 's rank and how long times for service at  PLA.

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    my english are poor, i used red pen write some on picture, i hope can help some.

    i donot know how to translate about chinese rank, so i used with my understand to explain.

    yellow + star = general; 

    red+ star =  brigadier or colonel

    purple + star =colonel or lieutenant colonel

    blue + star = lieutenant colonel or major

    little blue + star = captain or lieutenant captain

    green + star = lieutenant captain or second lieutenant;


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