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    1933 Party Shooting Award

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    Let me start by saying that I have been go far too long.  After working my tail off as we say and  I've been diverted away from my collecting interests I had a client present me with the following medal.  I have never owned one quite like it.  I know there are table medals of the same award struck in bronze.  However, I have not seen one with a suspension and20170322_191633.thumb.jpg.854fe3e1a3f1e7880bceec8f335ad31a.jpg20170322_191653.thumb.jpg.2d4239ebe8cf28cdcacd111494ec9a24.jpg20170322_191718.thumb.jpg.fa7e26a5cc83cd35d23ec5be4c15fc29.jpg ribbon and this one is struck in Silver.

    Any comments are greatly appreciated.  It certainly is good to be back and I look forward to rekindling friendships.






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    I don't know if I would exactly call it a "Party Shooting Award". According to the text on the reverse, the medal was to commemorate a shooting event held in August-September 1933 by the Royal Private Fire Protection Association in Munich in celebration of the National Awakening of the German People (the Nazi takeover earlier in January). The organization chose to put the image of the new Chancellor on the obverse. So there is no connection to the NSDAP.

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    Interesting piece. I can only add that it was originally designed by G. Weber, a well known medalist of the period. I think Uwe might be right about the medal being re-purposed for a ribboned piece. Those I have seen in the past were non-portable, unless of course they made both varieties. The size of the non-portable ones is 40 mm. What is the size of this one?

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