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    Unknown badge

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    Does anyone knows, what this badge is? The diametre is 3,4cm

    Because of the letter K I assume, it´s a german or an austrian one. You know the most words spoken as a K, in english and french are spelled with a C.

    A J in Germany often means I.

    So Imo should be Immobile.

    Württemberg had an Immobile Kraftwagen-Abteilung Nr.1

    So my idea is:

    Immobile Kraftwagen-Abteilung HR 1918 (Immobile motor-lorry detachment)

    But what the hell does HR mean??? Maybe something with Honvéd, if it´s an austrian one??? :wacky::speechless::rolleyes:

    Maybe it´s not military?

    Thanks a lot in advance!


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    Yes, I agree.

    I have recieved another tip for that badge:

    JMO (Immatrikulation Ostern = enrolment Easter)

    K.W.A. = Kaiser-Wilhelm-Akademie

    HR = Heer

    The K.W.A. was an academy, medicin students studied for ther service in the army or navy. They enroled twice (Easter or autumn) and they had to decide where to serve. In the Army (Heer) or in the Navy (Marine)

    That´s just a guess, but the abbreviations themselves would fit...

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    To The Prussian : A badge of the Pepiniere ? Could be , It was the only academy of military doctors in Prussia at least I know that they received their military instruction during 6 months or so in a Guard unit , perhaps the badge was for use with civilian dress on the lapels . the badge is good made but of cheap metal . one suggestion : I think that HR means Heereserve ,

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    Well, your are right about the quality. It´s simply cheap metal, but I think, in 1918 that was ok...

    Heeresreserve is possible too, of course. I just wonder, I´ve never seen such a badge before.This one was at ebay for about two years before I decided to buy it.

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    • 6 months later...

    Hi The Prussian and Bayern...

    i love buying this type of thing. I've bought so many joblots of badges just because I spot one that has a number or an H or cannon etc. Certainly if as this it has 1918 and initials if deserves more!

    Did you learn any more of this or has it stumped everyone? even the GMIC?

    Bayern and yourself have often been there for me and I thank you...

    best wishes 


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    Just right for Christmas I want to puch-up this thread...

    Unfortunately I don´t have any new guesses about that badge.

    I just made a few thoughts...

    If it was Kaiser-Wilhelm-Akademie:

    Do you think a man who used to be four years in that academy, then became a doctor, would wear such a simple badge? Even in 1918?

    If it is a civilian one: Which instutution would publish a badge like that in 1918?

    If "Heeresreserve": What sense would it be? Heeresreserve were large units under command of the OHL.

    I still would vote for something with "Königlich Württembergisch", but I think, I just "grasp at a straw..."

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    The Pussian and Farkas : First my best best wishes for both in this Christmas and coming New Year. Second, existed into the Prussia Army Doctors which were Regular . serving with the standing Army and Reservists .during the War Reserve Arzte were incorporated and other Doctors with no previous connection with the Military who volunteered were also incorporated as reservists but in commision .Apart the Pepiniere continued functioning with regular and newly incorporated students ,among this group many front experienced Unterarzte .that were included into the Reservists. The Prussian Army bureucracy was very compartimented but efficient and procured to find ever the correct niche to place every piece of the war machine with the correspondent uniform ,badge or distinctive .

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