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    Czechoslovakia-Order of Falcon

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    The Order of Falcon or Štefaníks Order was established in 1918 by General Štefaník to award the officers-legionnaires in Russia.In the obverse of the order we can see three  falcons over the hills.The image of the order is a five-raised star.The idea was to exist in five classes  like in  the Order of Honour-France ,but it was not realised,so we have only the lowest grade-Knight.Diameter of order is 4 cm,made from bronze,white and blue enameled.

    There are 3 versions concerning of the production of the order.

    1.Production Tokio-Japan 1918 -the orders were issued in etuis from balsa wood.

    2.Production Prague 1920

    3.Production Prague 1945

    There are some tiny differeces between these versions.

    Two types  of the order exist.

    I.The order with swords.



    Picturee 047.jpg


    II.The order without swords.

    There are no swords over the star.

    This type is more interesting for collectors.It occurs less than type with swords.

    unnamed 6.jpg

    unnamed 7.jpg

    These two orders are from my collection and the miniature ,too,but I stole the photo of the certificate of the order from the internet.I have not had any certificate in my collection since.

    The photos of the orders I made a long time ago by any occassions,so they are differet in sizes.



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    Thank you for this excellent presentation.   Rudimentary studies of this award appeared in the late 1960’s and mid-1970’s in various publications including the Medal Collector and Sabretache.  Your exposition surpasses those in scope and image quality.   1970’s reports suggested that  ‘re-strike’ or copy crosses had appeared out of Germany and Spain.  These pieces were crude and thick when compared to originals [especially the centers] but of the correct 4 cm. diameter.   As I recall, these items were all of the military version.  Have you any information regarding copies currently seen on the market?

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    Many thanks for your interest to my topic.I am sorry but I have not seen copies of this orden -military version on the market.But I have one left-original with swords for sale.Probably,somebody will want to buy it.It is in excellent condition.

    Order without swords is rare:20,50 awards?

    With swords is not rare:1000 or more awards?

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