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    Hi Gents, The Prussian

    i was looking up a few things today so kept an eye out for yours... I see yours as an X in a rectangle? The bottom half is obscured but I didn't find anything with a matching top half that wasn't a complete X.

    having said that...

    nothing quite matched your sign, if an X, either.

    there are only a few close to matching. I wonder how strictly the designs were adhered to?

    could it be this without the 'wheels'?


    Doubt this one.


    This one is trapezoid shaped and late war. Your pic looks earlier to me? 


    Lastly. Crude version of this? Various motorbike units used varieties of an 'X' inside a circle.



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    It looks like the Nachschubtruppen (Supply Column) symbol. The M and N above is unusual.

    A single M usually denotes Munitions while a single N denotes Nachschub.

    A possible interpretation could be Munitions Nachschub or Munitions Supply Column.



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    I can not find any mention of MN together with the Nachschub or any other tactical symbol.

    M on its own usually means Munitions or Marine (not applicable in your photo).

    N usually means Nachrichten (I think also not applicable in your photo) or in some cases Nachschub.

    I think your photo is early war or earlier. All are wearing branch soutaches on their caps. Wearing of soutaches was banned from mid-1942 and while it was worn contrary to regulations throughout the war it's highly unlikely all the men in the photo would be wearing them at the same time.







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