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  1. Torpedoschulflottille and Torpedoschule. Cheers, Larry 2 Geleitflottille 2. Artillerieschulschiff Brummer.
  2. Blue on white Maschinenmaat insignia on the grey/green work shirt. Two of the crew are wearing Linienschiff Schlesien cap talleys. Cheers, Larry
  3. Thanks Odulf. There are three photos in the series and two have a better view of the Kapitan zur See's face. Maybe someone knows who he is.
  4. Another photo showing canvas gaiters in wear. Cheers, Larry Nice photo, thanks for sharing.🙂 Küsten-Artillerie. I agree, most likely a watch or stop-watch. Here is a photo of a whistle cord tucked into the breast pocket.
  5. It is a cord which is attached to the button on his top left pocket and runs down inside the bottom left pocket. a cord attached to a whistle perhaps.
  6. Hi, The photo is in an album which belonged to a crewman who served aboard M132 (1 Minensuchflottille). As there are many photos of the 1 Minensuchflottille 1 cap tally in wear I would say they were taken pre -1939. He served some time aboard the harbor vessel v.St. Hieckmann, Memel as well. The album contains postcards of Minensuchflottille Pillau, Pillau Harbor, Marineschule Flensburg, Torpedoschule Flensberg-Mürwik. Is it possible that the parade photo was taken at one of those locations? Cheers, Larry
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