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  1. I think Engine. Shoulder strap is a little hard to see. Here is another photo of him in the blue uniform. Cheers, Larry
  2. Linienschiff Schlesien tallys. Interesting use of the blue on white Maschinenmaat patch on a grey/green work jacket. Cheers, Larry
  3. Thanks for the kind comments. I agree about FB. I don't like the censorship. Cheers, Larry Hi Odulf, Thanks. I agree 100%. More to come.
  4. Here is a rare tally. Even rarer to see a photo of it in wear. Schulboot Nordsee. Nordsee was in service under that name for only six and a half months and had a crew of approx. 50. Cheers, Larry Another recent addition to my collection. Marinenachrichtenschule Aurich. Cheers, Larry Torpedoboot Luchs and Torpedoboot Seeadler.
  5. HI Morten, Very nice addition to your impressive collection. Congrats. Cheers, Larry
  6. Torpedoschulflottille and Torpedoschule. Cheers, Larry 2 Geleitflottille 2. Artillerieschulschiff Brummer.
  7. Blue on white Maschinenmaat insignia on the grey/green work shirt. Two of the crew are wearing Linienschiff Schlesien cap talleys. Cheers, Larry
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