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    A. Schaumann, please help with his data

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    Hi gents,

    I am looking for the personal and military data from A. Schumann.

    What I know for sure is that he was an officer who served:

    Schleswig - Holstein 1848 - 1851, not sure if he served the whole time

    Hannover 1866 

    Prussian army 1870 / 71

    I found a Rittmeister Schumann from Dragoner Regiment 2 Schleswig Holstein Army,

    but there is no first name, so I am not sure if it is him.

    Every help highly esteemed.

    Kind regards

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    After I posted my response, I noticed that you have his name as Schaumnn in the title but not in the body of the message, so, now I am convince this is your man.


    There was no officer named Schumann in the Hannovarian army in 1866 as far as I can tell, nor was there an officer in the Prussian army 1871 named Schumann who served with another contingent prior to 1866.

    There was a Hannoverian Rittm. Adolf Carl Freidrich Schaumann who entered the Prussian army after Hannover's defeat.  I can't find any connection to the Schleswig Holsetein army, but, his last assignment might be a clue that he is your man.  This is Schaumann's career from 1866:

    Adolph Carl Friedrich Schaumann  (*13.06.1822  †12.04.1903)

    1904   listed in the DOA event hough he had already died

    1897                                  living as an  Oberstlt. z.D., in Hannover

    19.04.73-14.07.85             Kom. d. Landw. Bez. Rendsburg  (II./Landw. R. 85)

    12.12.71-19.04.73             b. St. d. Hus. R. 5

    1867-12.12.71                    aggr. d. Ulan. R. 16 u. dann Esk. Chef im Ulan. R. 16

    1866                                       hann. Garde Hus. R., Reg. Quartiermeister

    Orden 1885  PRAO4  PKrO3  PDK  HG3  MMV2

    Orden 1871:  PDK  HG3  MMV2

     Oberstlt.  14-08-75 (Charakter)  Major    21-10-69  Rittm.    20-06-59  Pr.Lt.     23-10-46  Sek.Lt.  12-01-38

    I think this officer is a strong candidate!


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    Hi Andy,

    I would love to believe you, but the A. Schaumann I am

    looking for, has only these medals:

    Dienstauszeichnungskreuz Preußen

    Kriegsdenkmünze 1870 / 71 Kämpfer

    Langensalza - Medaille

    Erinnerungskreuz an die schleswig - holsteinische Armee 1848 / 49

    Maybe there is an other A. Schaumann out there?


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    Hi Andreas,

    have you tried the Landesarchiv in Schleswig? They seem to have documents from that time and occasion.

    Also there was the  Staats-Handbuch für die Herzogthümer Schleswig-Holstein. I didn´t find his name in the 1849 edition, though.



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    Well, at least you can discount this one.  

    As a general statement, it would be quite helpful if future posts requesting identifications and such include all known information- such as awards in this case. Knowing this would have helped eliminate this Schaumann immediately.



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    Hi Gents,

    sorry Andy, as I already have written, that I have found only one

    Rittmeister Schumann who served as Rittmeister with the

    schleswig - holsteinische Armee 1848 / 49, I thought this

    was the key message.

    Hi GreyC,

    here is the scource I talked about:


    maybe this is from interest?!

    Kind regards

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