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    Yugoslav Plaques


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    I was discussing YPA plaques with BalkanCollector and he suggested that we open a separate topic about them.
    Generally speaking I don't collect them myself, but it's an interesting subject so I'll post a few I have around my apartment hoping that other forum members will do the same.

    SUBNOR plaque (Savez udruženja boraca narodnooslobodilačkog rata - Federation of Veterans' Associations of the People's Liberation War)

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    Thanks for making this topic Paja and very nice plaques! I will take some better photos of the only plaque that I have soon and will post info about it. I also have something strange related to the Winter Olympic Games in Sarajevo 1984 which was given to my grandpa and hopefully find out more about it. I'm looking forward to discussing this subject! 

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    Don't mention it, as I said before, I don't have many of them and my knowledge is pretty limited when it comes to this subject.
    Looking forward to your post, I hope others will contribute as well.
    In the mean time here's one civilian awarded to a family member.
    40th Anniversary of  the Zorka Šabac 1938-1978

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    Here's the Tito plaque which was awarded to officers for retirement. The one I have was given to my grandpa and it had a document which was unfortunately lost. The plaque is fairly big and the box is also very large.




    There's a sculptor's name under the Yugoslav coat of arms. B.STANOJČIĆ

    I've tried to find out more about him but it always brought me to this plaque and not the man. I would appreciate any information about him.



    The maker of this plaque is IKOM Zagreb.


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    No problem and thanks for your trouble!

    Here's the other plaque which I mentioned. My grandpa got it for 25 years of graduation from the Military-Technical Academy (VTA, Vojno-tehnička akademija). Interesting thing is that the 25th anniversary was in 1988 but the plaque holds a mascot "Vučko" doing a ski jump from the Sarajevo Winter Olympics in 1984. The plaque is almost entirely made out of hard plastic. Vučko and a ski jump ramp is metal. The plaque is wrapped in a plastic foil and it can't get out without ripping off the foil so I didn't take it out. I don't know if it's an official plaque but it's definately an interesting one.



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    Very interesting, thanks for photos. This is the first time I see something like that, doesn't look official to me, but even better, it's more unique. If I remember well VTA was located in Zagreb, was your grandfather on duty in Sarajevo at the time he received the plaque? I ask because I can't see the connection between his graduation anniversary and Sarajevo Olympics :)

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    7 hours ago, paja said:

    40th Anniversary of  the Zorka Šabac 1938-1978

    Information about this one was published in Dinar magazine.
    Author: Dragiša Marsenić
    Dimensions: 105x78mm
    Material: gilded brass
    Producer: Aurometal
    There was an example made out of gold given to Tito.

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    Paja:  A plaque that came with a group of Yugoslav medals. My understanding is that the obverse is the symbol of the Socialist Alliance of Working People of Croatia and the reverse commemorates the First Conference of JNOF (National Liberation Front of Yugoslavia) at Topusko on 18 May 1944.



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    Thanks for sharing, that's a new one to me as well. I think I SSRNH acronym of the mentioned organization can be seen on the front side of the plaque. Could you please tell us its approximate size?

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    paja:  You are correct that the initials SSRNH are intertwined on the center front of the plaque.  The plaque is 45mm in diameter. The top of the case is below.  The case is 97mm wide and 108mm from top to bottom.


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    It has been an awful lot of time since the last reply to this topic but here's something I recently added to my collection.


    Plaque for 35th anniversary of formation of the 15th Vojvodina Brigade "Šandor Petefi" (Sándor Petőfi), named after a Hungarian revolutionary. This brigade was formed mostly out of Hungarian from Yugoslavia who joined the Yugoslav Partisans.

















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