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    Comrade Mommie (Dearest)

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    Not yet researched, just in, not even seriously translated. I present this for your comments and assistance.

    Her medals:

    Red Banner of Labor (T3v2)- 131980

    Badge of Honor (t3v2) - 121991

    Maternal Glory 2nd Class (var 2) - 37329 (! - see below)

    Maternal Glory 3rd Class (var 2) - 549447

    Others unnumbered.

    Edited by Ed_Haynes
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    Guest Rick Research

    And while Katie's NON Mommy decorations suggest a progression of State Service, she did NOT receive them in that 1,2,3,4 order--

    suggesting some form of industry maybe-- between the planting of Soviet citizens.

    VERY fancy entries for her Red banner of Labor and Badge of Honor. No attesting stamp on the photo, but who can doubt those lips!!!! NOT me! No no no, not me!

    Everything here seems to be in order. :beer:

    I've never seen Mommy Medals and the regular stuff mingled before in awards books! :jumping:

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