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Can only comment on the cloth wings I'm afraid as that's the only item I have had in the past which I knew to be original.

The example you show appears a little flat in comparison to the set I had and the detail in the wings is lacking, unfortunately I can't find an image of the ones I had.:speechless:

The back also looks suspect compared to the one I had, I take it that the residue around the edge is a glue mark? The back of the one I had was a dark grey almost black backing with some threads showing through.

As you know these wings have been reproduced and faked over the years but in this case and imho I would not be happy with them.

Best regards Simon.

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Thank you Simon for your help and honesty, rather know than not they were in an old Xmas tin from WW1 with other items so no loss there, it included these RFC tags.

Kind regards David


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Interesting, take it you have found the Man behind the dog tags?

James Edwin Morrell 2 Air Mechanic 9852

Entitled to 15 Star Trio, entered France 27/10/15 and shown on his MIC as died 01/7/16 aged 23. Buried at East London Cemetery, Plaistow, son of James and Caroline Morrell of 42 Vesey Street, Poplar.

Obviously this puts some credence as to the authenticity of the items but I'm pretty sure that an Air Mechanic would not have worn wings ( I stand to be corrected ?), so I wonder where he got them.

Regards Simon.

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Hello Simon,

                 Thank you for your kind comments, as you say I cant see the other items being his as you say being a 2AM I believe Sgt was the lowest pilot rank. So I may never know appreciate your help and time.


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Hi Gents, David, Simon

i like these!

id certainly give them a tin of their own and keep them together just in case....

just noticed this on the badge.... which is a good start...


and the tags look good to me. As at least they match later issued ones I have - maybe other Gents know if this design matches those issued up to 1916?

That he was buried at home supports the case that his effects could have made it home to a relative...

I agree the glue doesn't help the chances of authenticity but a modern fraudster would have known that and not used it so I would suggest, and I personally would  'choose' to beleive, that the  wings were bought in good faith by the 'keeper' of the other two items at a later date, rather than belonging to Morrell himself. I agree with Simon- they very unlikely his.... but part of the story that's lost in time!

I like....,


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