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Arthur Charles Frost 

Arthur Charles Frost born 17th February 1867 in the parish of Brooke Norwich Norfolk.

1888 Marries his wife Ellen in Reigate.

1890 joins Metropolitan Police (06.01.1890) warrant number 75058 posted to J Division. Living at Moyna Road Upper Tooting. Trade gardener for a Capt Parr The Cedars Upper Tooting. 

1891 Living in Bonner Street Bethnal Green.

1897 awarded Diamond Jubilee Medal J Division.

1898 Gives evidence at the Old Bailey (12th December), for a coining offence that occurred on the 17th November on Hackney Road, as Constable 252J.


1899 Gives evidence at the Old Bailey 24th July, for a wounding offence that occurred on the 26th June on Whitechapel Road concerning the use of a revolver as Constable 252J.


1901 Living 53 Russia Lane Bethnal Green.

1902 award Coronation Medal J Division.

1902 Gives evidence at the Old Bailey 5th May, for a wounding offence that occurred on the 24th March on Paradise Street, Bethnal Green as Constable 24JR.


1911 award Coronation Medal J Division?

1911 Living 29 Bandon Lane Bethnal Green.

1913 Gives evidence at the Old Bailey on the 4th March, for a theft offence that occurred on the 28th January Marylebone as a Detective in D Division.


1918 retires from police D Division as a Detective 18.03.1918.

1918 dies Paddington.

Arthur FROST portrait.jpg

Arthur Frost medals forum.jpg

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