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    Unknown "Order" or medal ID inquiry

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    A museum curator has asked me for an ID of this unknown award.  It has a vaguely Baltic look to it, though it could be from anywhere. The Red Cross is a major clue, but from where? The marking on the reverse center is not an inscription, only an old inked museum accession number of no significance. My usual suspects for obscure attributions have no clue. Hopefully one of our members will know it. Many thanks for looking, Frank Draskovic

    unknown medal no 3 obv.jpg

    unknown medal no 4 rev.jpg

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    All points to a Red Cross Society , but which ? Its not Lithuanian , Estonian or Letonian . Danzig also no,Poland ? no too.Scandinivia ? another time No . The ribbon appears to be of the type used by women . Knoted . and the colours are rare, Incidentally those of the uniform of the QARANC Scarlet and Grey.

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    Hi to Bayern in Argentina. I'd say the colors are more of a faded light cobalt blue, rather than gray, but a good hint about a possible nurse's cloak badge. The mystery continues.

    Gracias amigo! Regards, Frank

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    This kind of ball type ring connection indicates usually for me Belgium-Dutch maker style. Now, saying that - they could produce for any countries. I am thinking more WW2 period and something short lived award during German occupation perhaps? It' just a random guess. Other way I would say Latvia-Lithuania or even Poland perhaps? 

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    Hello member Noor,  Many thanks for your success in finding a similar medal for sale with an attribution. The first thing I did was go to my "Quinot" book on Belgian orders and medals to confirm..."Recueil Illustre Des Orders De Chevalerie et Decorations Belges De 1830 A 1963" by H. Quinot, 5th edition. It was not listed there in the Red Cross, or any other, section, though I did find the ribbon being used for a different medal entirely. I'll contact jkmilitaria and ask for an attribution. They are experts on Red Cross ODMs and should have more info on it. Thanks again Noor !

    Regards, Frank D.

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